Rules for using our services
1) Bookings:
a) Bookings can be made by telephone, e-mail and correspondence.
The required information includes:
- Surname and Name of the person booked;
- Type of room requested and number of people;
- Package (With or Without Breakfast);
- Date of Arrival and Departure;
- Time of arrival;
- Phone Number (land line or cell phone).

b) A guarantee credit card may also be requested at the time of booking.
In this case, should the customer fail to turn up (no-show) he will be charged for the full amount of the first night.

c) If the stated time of arrival is delayed, the booking will immediately be considered void one hour after the expected time.

d) If no time of arrival is stated in the booking, it will be considered 3.00 pm, after this time, the booking will be considered “No-Show” and cancelled.

e) Small pets are allowed. (Advise when booking)

2) Arrival (Check-In):
Check-In is from 2.00 pm.
If you expect to arrive before the above time, the check-in time may be brought forward, subject to availability, if this is not possible, you may, however, leave your luggage at our luggage office.

b) Payment for the whole confirmed stay must be made in advance.
No reimbursements are made for early departures, which in no way depend on the Hotel.

c) You may, however, change the booking and bring forward the departure of your stay, without incurring a penalty, only at the time of check-in.

d) When checking in, you may change the previously booked type of arrangement (With or Without Breakfast).

e) Valid ID must be presented on arrival for customers to be registered, as stated by art. 109 of the Royal Decree 18 June 1931 n° 773.

f) Should you require a Tax Invoice on leaving, or any other variation for the printing of the bill, please inform the staff at the porter’s desk on arrival, giving the tax information for the invoice.

g) If you have the right to a discount for any arrangement the hotel has, notice must be given at the time of check-In, otherwise, it may no longer be accepted on departure.  

3) Stay:
a) It's not possible to use the electric light sockets in the rooms for irons, heating water/food or other equipment, which may cause damage to persons and the room.

b) Always close the door on leaving the room and keep the key (Magnetic Card) in a safe place, or hand it in to the porter’s desk.

c) If you take the key (Magnetic Card) with you, remember to keep it away from magnetic sources to avoid damaging it;

d) If you lose your key (Magnetic Card) notify the porter’s desk in good time.
The porter’s desk will issue a new key, which will cancel out the previous one.

e) Deposit your valuables or jewellery in the hotel safe or, if available, in the safe in the room.
The service is free of charge in both cases.

f) If damage is caused to objects in the Hotel (furnishings or equipment), the customer is obliged to pay compensation for damages.

g) If you wish to extend your stay, subject to availability, notice must be given before 11.00 am on the day of departure, otherwise, if the room is booked and it is not possible to assign another room, this will be tidied by our chambermaids for 2.00 pm and the supplement foreseen by the subsequent point 5/b will be applied.
Luggage will be removed by our chambermaids and stored carefully in our luggage office.

4) Breakfast:
a) Breakfast is served from 7.00 am to 9.30 am
After this time the bar will remain closed until 11.00 am for routine cleaning and tidying.

b) Subject to the availability of our suppliers, the menu may be changed without notice, guaranteeing our full commitment as regards the selection and service.

c) If the package with Breakfast has been chosen, in the event of any changes, please inform the porter’s desk the night before, otherwise you will be charged for the full amount of the package with breakfast included. This also applies for delays in the time of service.

d) All drinks and beverages in sealed bottles or cans, as well as all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, are not included in the Breakfast service. Therefore, their consumption must be paid for.

5) Departure (Check-Out):
a) Check-out is from 11.00 am.

b) You may ask the staff at the porter’s desk to leave after the check-out time, before 11.00 am on the day of departure. They will assess whether this is possible.
In this case a fixed supplement of 25.00 € will be requested if the departure is before 4.00 pm.
If you leave the room after 4.00 pm, you will be charged for the full amount of the room (without breakfast).

c) However, you may leave your luggage at our luggage office until late in the evening.
There is no charge for this service.

6) Method of Payment:
a) You can pay by cash (Euro) or using the major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diner's, JCB, EDC/Maestro and Bancomat).

b) We do not accept: Foreign Currency, Checks (Bank, Cashier’s and Postal), Travel Cheques and Postal Orders.

c) Tickets sold on behalf of third parties (public transport, travel agencies, etc.) and stamps may only be paid for in cash (Euro) and they may not be invoiced as they serve as a tax receipt for payment.

d) Deposits on bookings may be made either by authorisation for a Credit Card withdrawal Card or by Bank Transfer to our coordinates (see our website in the footer).
These rules are displayed in the hall of the hotel
and are understood to be accepted by implication at the time of check-in.
October 2007
Addolorata Viscione
Sole Director